Junior Great Books

“Junior Great Books” stands as an enriching and literature-focused curriculum that ignites the love for reading and critical thinking in young minds. Tailored for students in their formative years, this curriculum introduces literary classics and thought-provoking texts, fostering deep engagement and meaningful discussions. “Junior Great Books” places a premium on developing advanced reading skills, comprehension, and the ability to analyze complex texts. Through the exploration of diverse genres and cultures, students are encouraged to think critically, express their ideas coherently, and appreciate the nuances of literature. The curriculum emphasizes the Socratic method, promoting collaborative inquiry and encouraging students to articulate their thoughts with clarity and confidence. By instilling a passion for literature and honing critical reading and discussion skills, “Junior Great Books” not only enhances academic proficiency but also nurtures a lifelong appreciation for the power and beauty of literature in shaping young minds. To find out more about the curriculum, please visit the site below.