Visual Arts encompasses a wide range of creative expressions, including drawing, painting and more.  The students engage in hands-on art projects that help them develop their creativity and appreciation for various artistic techniques. 

Dance/Dance Club involves movement and rhythm where students can learn different dance styles, develop coordination and express themselves through movement while encouraging teamwork.  Dance club is an extracurricular activity that allows students who are passionate about dance to come together and further explore this art form. 

Music/Band/Chorus General music lessons are provided to students in grades K-5 for students to learn basic musical skills and concepts as well as learning popular songs of various cultures. The band and chorus programs involve learning to play instruments or sing in a group setting. Students may join Band to learn to read sheet music, practice together, and perform at school concerts.  Students may join Chorus to learn vocal techniques, sing in harmony and perform at school events.  Both foster and promote discipline, teamwork and appreciation for music.