The Mandarin Dual Language Program

Our side-by-side Mandarin dual language program (grades K-5), often referred to as a Two-Way Immersion (TWI) model, is an innovative educational approach that brings together students from two language backgrounds in a shared learning environment. In this program, students receive instruction in both languages, with the goal of achieving bilingualism and biliteracy. Unlike traditional dual language programs where students of one language background learn a second language, the side-by-side model integrates students from both language groups, creating a diverse and inclusive classroom.

In a side-by-side dual language program, lessons are conducted in English on one day and then switch to Mandarin on another day. This alternating approach allows students to learn from each other and provides opportunities for language exchange. The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that academic content is covered in both languages, promoting linguistic proficiency and academic achievement in a balanced manner. Our dual language program uses the same core curriculum as the other classes. For Chinese language, we use “Chinese Made Easy” for grades K-2 and “MeiZhou Chinese” for grades 3-5.

One of the key advantages of the side-by-side model is that it not only facilitates language development but also fosters positive cross-cultural interactions. Students not only learn a second language but also gain an appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, enhancing their global awareness. This collaborative learning environment helps build a strong sense of community and mutual respect among students, preparing them to thrive in a multicultural and multilingual world. To find out more about the curriculum, please visit the sites below.