Counselor’s Corner

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the School Counselors of PS 246. Amina August is the school counselor who works mainly with children from kindergarten to second grade.  Tara Cannistraci is the counselor for third to fifth grade.  We are both trained in crisis intervention and take pride in being advocates for all students.  We service students and families in need of social/emotional support.  In addition, Ms. Cannistraci supports 5th grade students and their families during the middle school application process, not only assisting in filling out applications, but also providing one on one guidance in finding a middle school that best suits your child’s needs.  Ms. August and Ms. Cannistraci work in conjunction on specific cases and offer support within school and can provide information for outside services based off your child’s needs.  


  • Making friends
  • Liking myself
  • Being a “new kid”
  • Studying
  • Bullying
  • Death and dying
  • Moving away
  • Being honest
  • Parent’s divorce/separation
  • Getting along with others
  • Organization
  • Learning and Responsibility

As school counselors, we maintain a brief list of local counseling services for referral purposes for parents interested in private counseling for their student.  Please contact Ms. Cannistraci or Ms. August at (718) 584-6764 for more information.  Or you may email us at the following address: 

The referral list is not a recommendation for any provider of private counseling services.  Please understand that school counselors are not therapists.  

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